Mavicam pictures

Mavicam pictures

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mavicam 1.1Mb Alternatively, should you want to download them all in one go, to peruse in your own time, d/l this zipfile, which contains all the files, and the html backbone. As the pictures are already in Jpeg format, there's no extra compression, but as the entire file is just over 1Mb long, it'll fit onto a floppy disc. To make room on the floppy, the quality of the Jpeg files had to be cut down though - the best quality ones are on the website.

Brian's speech Cutting the cake Cutting the cake Cutting the cake
wedding car Norma & Lewis Donna & Catherine Emma & Brian
Emma's family Alistair, Lewis & Russ Juckes Top table Emma
Amelia, Emma, Russ & Maisie Amelia, Emma, Russ & Maisie Donna, Catherine, Amelia & Gail Gail, Lewis & Paul (Vicar)
Russ' family Gail, Lewis & Norma Paul & Russ Emma & Russ
Emma & Russ Emma & Russ Norma & Lewis Emma & Russ

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