Quake it up!

Quake it up with 3v.  Erm.

Years after everybody else has stopped playing it, I'm still playing Quake. When online, I play as 3v - Vicious, Violent, & Vindictive. I used to play as Devastator, but frankly, so did about a hundred other people. Homeboy didn't fare much better either.

There's not much on this page, mostly downloads that you may have difficulty finding in other places, and a few things I've done myself - there's a Quake II map of Stokesley Community centre that's worth a visit, if you know the place.

My Quake II maps:

Machine Gun Beach (164KB)
Machine Gun Beach - 164Kb
Quake II map of four beaches in a small square, connected by tunnels. There are no health packs, and the only weapon is the machine gun, albeit several instances of it. Mildly entertaining - Eraserbot seems to like it, and needs little training.
Pakx.pak is no longer required for this level.
Stokesley Youth
Centre (526KB)
Stokesley Youth Centre - 526Kb
My first Q2 map. Fairly ambitious, (for a first attempt!) and as a result it's occasionally rough in places. However, it plays well, and is sort of accurate to the real centre too.
This zipfile contains PAKx.PAK - required for the level.

I'm not going to bother you with my config files, as everybody has their own favourite ways of playing, many of which I hate - and I'm sure others would feel the same about my configs.

If anybody out there has a copy of Anne's Armoury - could they send it to me please? After reformatting my HD I seem to have lost my only copy. How foolish of me.

Other stuff:

These files were not written by by me, but I find them either useful, in the case of tools, or fun, in the case of maps:

Zebub (187KB)
Zebub deathmatch - 187Kb
The Zebub deathmatch is rather small, best suited to between 4 - 6 players. It's also quite simple, but lots of fun - I've been playing it since 1994...
Blec (130KB)
Console map list - 130Kb
Blec will create a list of maps that can be viewed from your console. it's quite useful if you have too many maps in your maps folder, with stupid names that are impossible to remember. What are these mapmakers thinking of half the time!? It works with both Quake1 and Quake2
Q1Edge (525KB)
Q1 EDGE deathmatch - 525Kb
A neat conversion of the Quake 2 classic "The EDGE". It lacks a few weapons where you'd normally expect them, but it's still a great level to play.

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