Knight Lore 2000

In 1984, Ashby Computer Graphics - aka Ultimate Play the Game - released a game called Knight Lore. Well, it blew everybody away, and set the precedent for many isometric style games games to come.

The way I see it, if Atari can do it with Defender and ID can do it with DooM, then I can do it with Knight Lore... The time has come to bring Knight Lore into the year 2006!

This could be the next Oblivion!

Er, or something.

And they're not just touched up screenshots from the ZX Spectrum version - oh no.*

[Knight Lore 2000] - image 1 [Knight Lore 2000] - image 2

Doesn't Melkhior look cool? melk.png - 1057 Bytes melk.gif - 852 Bytes

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* Well, they are actually.
This is shown rather obviously
by the fact that I mis-coloured
two blocks behind Melkhior's
cauldron in the second picture.